Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Transport "Home"

We are late in posting this: Chrissy Eve actually got her Christmas Wish---she was adopted and made her trip to her new forever home in January.
She hitched a ride with STerling---another IBR dog that was adopted as well.

Sterling's new mom wrote:
We left here at 7AM, had both dogs by noon, back here at 4:30PM. Chrissy stayed on the seat behind me or on the couch in the back. She slept and looked out the window. George rode up front taking turns on my granddaughter's and my lap! Arriving home my granddaughter and I had about ten minutes before the visitors started. My family, I think, was as excited as I. It was quite a happening! George took everything in stride, gave hugs, leaned, and cuddled all night long. It was 8:30 before they all left. You and Tamara called to see how the transfer went. Chrissy fell fast asleep on the couch and George on the Recliner (typical male, female?) I was so exhausted I left them right there and went up to bed.

By the time Chrissy's new family got here at 2PM Sunday afternoon, I was getting attached to her. She is a very sweet, gentle soul, with such sad eyes. Her family was very excited to see her and take her home. (Let me just add here, that the only problem I had with all of this, is that Chrissy is a future Steeler fan!! I wanted to buy her a Browns bandanna, but there wasn't time)

...and the report from Chrissy's new home:
"Dear Tamra,
Hi how are you? We just wanted to let you know that Chrissy is working out great! We all have fell in love with her, particularly our daughter Anna. She won't even go to the bathroom without Chrissy. And Chrissy loves the non-stop attention. She even played CandyLand last night! Anna would draw her cards for her and move her gingerbread man. We will have to take some pictures for you! Have a great weekend!"
Aileen, Mike, and Anna

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cuddle Bug Girl!

Chrissy doesn't mind at all to get up close and personal with other dogs... she cuddles up for a nap with foster sister Zoey.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A little girl...

Chrissy is a smaller size setter girl, at only 36 lbs---and she's fully grown.
She enjoys playtime with the fur siblings in her foster home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Chrissy Eve is doing great, she is quite the lady, she takes her time to eat 2 pieces at a time. She is the perfect size for bed snuggling...32lbs. She is very calm and quiet, she does not jump on people and knows the commands sit and come. She is pure joy. She is fully housetrained and seems to do good with children 6 and older, I will test her for younger kids later this month. She is very cat friendly.

This is our newest foster. Denver has named her Chrissy Eve, you know so close to Christmas and all. She is a real sweetie, rides great in the car, did fine in the bath. She and Zoey are having a great time.